We offer the full range of project management services for any scale of object, starting from the idea and the implementation, and to the eventual Turn-key delivery.

We specialize in the development of construction projects for luxury accomodation in Europe and the United States.

From the moment the idea is born, we provide assistance in making the right choice of architects and interior designers most suitable for its implementation and manage
the entire process up to the eventual Turn-key delivery.

Design, Construction, Procurement.

Development of architectural projects,
Development and Implementation of the designer and construction projects,
Development of the interiorprojects,
Reconciliation of the projects with the respective state authorities,
Development and Implementation of all the engineering system projects,
  • Power grid and low currents
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • The “Smart House” building management systems
Selection and installation of the proper audio and video equipment,
Territorial development projects,
Selection of the required equipment,
Selection and delivery of the exclusive enclosure: windows, shop windows, stained-glass windows,
Selection and delivery of any kinds of furniture, manufactured to order in acordance with the outlines by our designers,
The most complicated and high-quality finishing works, Interior decoration,
Decorating the interior with the Author’s items and accessories,
The entire range of supply and delivery services for every stage of construction works at the object.


Before beginning construction work, we will create a project budget and time table that is suitable for the client.
We handle all aspects connected with project development, for the entire duration of the work, and involve highly competent subcontractors and company
managers to achieve our goals.  Delivering excellent quality on time and on budget is simply how TDG does business.


We have World Wide Supplier network and experienced logistic service.
We know where to find high quality construction/interior materials, furniture and technical equipment, for the best price.