mplementation of a developer’s project, regardless of whether this is the construction of a new house or the arrangement of a   top-grade interior in a single flat, is a MULTI-FA CTOR process that depends on a great number of factors and parties involved.

If You’re going to get actively involved in the creation of Your own home, YOU’LL FACE THE CHOICE about how to define the concept,   who is going to assume the positions of an architect, a designer, a builder, a project manager, and whom to entrust the control over  these and the other participants of the process. When the choice is made, the next issue You find yourself facing is the ISSUE OF  SHARING THE  RESPONSIBILITY between You and them, as the situation when there’s impossible to determine who’s the one to blame for  the problems  like idle time and quality faults is actually an everyday occurrence – everyone pleads the objective circumstances and
the other parties of the project.

We offer a complex solution for the problem developed by a single entity, which results in the OPTIMUM TIME AND FINANCIAL   EXPENDITURE.

Together with the architect and the designer, You define the aesthetics You prefer – WE HANDLE EVERYTHING ELSE, providing a detailed   report on every stage of the project on demand.

THE COST OF OUR SERVICES WILL PAY OFF, not just regarding the TIME AND THE FINANCIAL FACTOR, but also SAVING YOU THE TROUBLE, as we optimize the expenses in respect to both time and money.